Wooden cottages instantly give a rustic and attractive appearance. Explore our master plan, which incorporates wooden villas with the most elegant design.

Customers are drawn to us because of our core traits. As a result, we provide floor layouts that are particularly suited to clients’ needs. We provide them with the option to pick from our catalogue. Our plan includes cottages of various sizes, from 180 square feet to 1800 square feet and above. We also provide options ranging from turnkey to customized aspects of projects.


Are you hunting for space-saving utility cabins? Look no further; we’ve got everything you’ll need. We’ve brought some of our magnificently crafted utility cabins to the table to meet your specific needs, preferences, and choices. Work cabins, children’s play zones, meditation rooms, and multi-utility spaces are among the foremost available services. All of these places deliver highly personalised services that are perfectly suited to the interests of their customers. We’ve conducted a comprehensive assessment of how we might make the most efficient use of the space while maintaining a more sleek and artistic impression.


Modern pergola designs are becoming increasingly prevalent and are the ideal alternative for you if you appreciate outdoor living areas, open houses, or lounging in the laps of nature. A pergola is a strong structure that you may place outside your home. We chose premium materials. The manufacturing and instalment process is done in the shortest amount of time and with the minimum effort. We’ve hand-picked several pergola models that would look excellent in your garden, focusing on their resilience, affordability, and aesthetic qualities. It will protect your home from the sun and rain while also expanding the size of your living areas and so enhancing the value of your home. Pergolas may be used in a variety of different ways. For example, a freestanding pergola can be used as an outdoor dining area. The use of pergolas as a beautiful garden entry is a game-changer. Additionally, converting it into a room with curtains and aesthetic furniture takes it to the next level. It should come as no surprise that a pergola can quickly enhance your curb appeal.


Homeowners are making significant investments in their backyards to create the ideal setting for unwinding from their busy schedules. Find the right spot to enjoy your gazebo! A gazebo is a structure that is open on all sides and is commonly found in public and private places. You can sit under them and relax, read, or work in solitude.

We feature unique gazebo designs that are well-built and custom-made for you based on your space. We guarantee that it complements your house décor and gives it an impressive look by utilising as much space as possible. Hanging plants, colourful flowers, and lanterns give it a more stylish visual appeal. They look rather vivid and quirky.


Our primary focus is on custom-built wooden cottages ideal for those looking to escape the city. Our construction technique is a perfect blend of giving a raw feel while still including trendy contemporary design elements. We can design and deliver cottages for hotels and resorts with the most experienced team of experts. Our services range from single cottages to twin cottages to suites. Based on your interests, each cottage will have its own set of attributes. All you have to do now is select the layout you prefer, and we’ll fill in the rest. Another benefit is that each wooden component is manufactured by us, reducing the onsite work that can sometimes be inconvenient in certain secluded locations. We ensure better convenience of service and an emphasis on eco-friendly, sustainable cottages.


To keep your dog happy and healthy, you need to find the ideal dog kennel. A dog home is much more than merely a place for your dog; it’s an identity. It offers a comfortable atmosphere for them to play, eat, and sleep. It can impact the ambience of the house, whether it is a small or big one. They are ideal pieces of furniture that match both classic and contemporary styles. A dog house is just as indispensable to us as our home is to us. It provides a secure and cheerful environment for the pet. We have a large selection of dog homes that can be designed to suit your specific needs based on your budget and home decor. It will undoubtedly create a unique look for your residence and provide a suitable spot for your adorable canines.

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